I've lost my CD's. Can I buy new ones?

Unfortunately, CDs which accompany educational books and literature cannot be sold separately. There is no VAT on educational books. A CD that accompanies a book cannot have a track listing. To comply with VAT regulations, it cannot be a stand-alone product.

To overcome this problem for our customers, we brought out Listening workbooks A and B that are based on the audio clips which appear on the textbook CDs 2 and 3. Therefore, if you have lost a textbook CD, you will be able to replace it by buying one of these. Additionally, you receive further exam reinforcement from that workbook!

How much is postage?

For all orders under €20 euro, postage costs €3.

For all orders over €20 euro and under 20 kilos, postage costs €5.

Why can't I buy your books in a shop?

Because it would add a further 33% (minimum) to your cost.

Is it possible to order a single book and have it invoiced to the school?

No, not without checking with our office first (at 057-9125923 first or at info@leavingcertmusic.com)