Music Textbook Publishers in Ireland

Higgins & Higgins Music create and supply a textbook, workbooks and CDs for secondary school students in Ireland who are doing Music for their Leaving Cert exam. ‘Notes’ is our Leaving Cert brand. It is an umbrella name for several separate books aimed at 5th and 6th year students. The books cover three curricular strands – listening, composing and performing. Please check them out in the Books section of this website.

Our most popular items are:

the 'Notes' Textbook with three CDs (‘Notes’ for Leaving Certificate Music) and
the Full ‘Notes’ Package (Textbook + three CDs + Melody Workbook + Harmony Workbook).

'Tones' is our Junior Cycle brand.
'Tones 1' and 'Tones 2' are for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students. is our web presence.