TONES 1 - New Junior Cycle Music Book 1 with accompanying Exercise Book
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Tones 1 is a music Textbook with Exercise Book for students who are embarking on the new Junior Cycle Music course.
The students are led through the different areas of the new Junior Cycle Music course, with classroom-based assessment components addressed during the journey. The Junior Cycle Music book has 8 chapters. At the core of these chapters are the three elements of "Creating, Exploring and Appraising", underpinned by the "6 Statements of Learning" and the "8 Key Skills".

The 36 Learning Outcomes are pinpointed and linked in the Teacher's Manual. 

These are the chapters:

  • Chapter 1: REFERENCE – Let’s get started!
  • Chapter 2: RHYTHM – Let’s get rhythm!
  • Chapter 3: PITCH – Let’s get reading!
  • Chapter 4: SOUNDS – Let’s get organising sounds!
  • Chapter 5: STYLES – Let’s get comparing!
  • Chapter 6: MELODY – Let’s get melody-writing!
  • Chapter 7: HARMONY – Let’s get harmonising!
  • Chapter 8: TUNES – Let’s get playing!

CDs are becoming obsolete (with students complaining that they have nowhere to play a CD except in the car), so there is no CD accompanying 'Tones 1'.

However, as well as receiving a complimentary copy of the TEXTBOOK and EXERCISE BOOK, teachers whose students use the book in class will have access to all the AUDIO FILES. Along with this, they will receive a MUSIC SHOW-ME BOARD for each student in the class and a TEACHER'S MANUAL containing SOLUTIONS and EXTRA SUPPORT MATERIAL. 

The price of the book is €19.50 + p&p.

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